Hot Water Rebates & Government Incentives

Hot Water Rebates & Government Incentives - Rheem

If you're purchasing a solar or heat pump water heater you may be eligible to take advantage of STCs to offset the initial cost of their investment in sustainable water heating solutions.

If you live in Victoria the Victorian Government is providing a $1000 rebate on solar hot water for 6,000 households* ... read more. You may also receive a benefit from the creation of VEECs.

DISCLAIMER: Information contained in this site is based on publicly available data from Government authorities, and is provided as a guide only. All rebate and incentive schemes are subject to change, and require strict eligibility conditions to be met. STC values are nominal and are subject to change due to market fluctuations. Rheem reserves the right at its own discretion to refuse multiple assignment requests. Rheem advises to check full program terms and conditions with the relevant Government department or authority prior to purchasing a product for which you intend to claim a rebate(s). Rheem will not be held responsible for any cost, loss or damage incurred due to reliance upon the information contained in this site should such information be incorrect or contain an error. Website last updated as at 13 September, 2018.