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Company Profile - Rheem

Rheem Manufacturing Co (Australia) Proprietary Ltd was incorporated in Melbourne, Australia on November 26, 1936 as the first overseas venture of Rheem Manufacturing Company, an American drum manufacturer.

Rheem ® began making drums in Australia in 1937 and manufactured its first water heater in Australia at Waterloo, an inner Sydney suburb, in 1939.

In May of that same year, BHP purchased a 50% stake in the company and supplied the Australian steel used in all Rheem manufacturing. It was the beginning of an association that has endured for many years and which has been a contributing factor in Rheem’s ongoing success.

Rheem has always maintained a steady flow of innovation.

For more than 25 years Rheem has been at the forefront of development in Solar and Renewable Energy Water Heating technologies.

Designed in Australia for the harshest Australian conditions, Rheem produces a range of specialist Solar Hot Water Systems for all temperature extremes from freezing to the hottest climate zones.

Rheem is Australia's largest supplier of gas water heaters and are the leaders in 5 Star energy efficient gas storage water heaters. The 5 star “Stellar” and the 6 Star Continuous Flow Water Heater range ensures that Rheem offers a complete energy efficient gas hot water range to suit all homes and families.

Rheem Australia Pty Ltd is headquartered in the Sydney suburb of Rydalmere with manufacturing operations in Sydney and Melbourne.

Rheem proudly manufactures gas & electric storage, heat pump and solar water heaters for domestic, commercial & large scale project applications in Australia.

Key milestones:

  • Rheem Manufacturing Co (Australia) Proprietary Ltd was incorporated in Melbourne, Australia on November 26, 1936.
  • First Rheem gas water heater manufactured in 1939 at Waterloo, Sydney.
  • In 1939, BHP purchased a 50% share in the company, which at that time was making drums at Waterloo.
  • In 1973, BHP purchased the American interest in Rheem Australia Limited, making Rheem a truly Australian company.
  • In 1988, Southcorp Limited (then South Australian Brewing Holdings) purchased Rheem, which then became known as Southcorp Water Heaters.
  • Since 2001, Paloma Co Ltd, an international leader in water heating and space heating technology and manufacturing, has been the ultimate controlling entity of Rheem Australia Pty Ltd.

NOW ... Sydney & Perth manufacturing sites

THEN ... Waterloo (circa 1945)